Educated in the sciences at a prestigious university and trained in the dark arts of journalism by a hack from tabloid newspaper The Sun, Philip is completely out of his element writing about himself in the third person. Needs must, however, but he shall endeavor to keep this short.

He has written and edited content for business, consumer and technical audiences. His editorial and marketing copy has been published in magazines, books, newsletters, brochures and online. And he has worked in a variety of roles, from editorial management to freelance, for a wide range of organizations including multinational publishers, nimble startups, global consumer giants and nonprofits.

With such a varied portfolio that defies pigeonholing, he believes the brief slideshow below might be a good way to explain what he’s been creating, writing-wise, for all these years. If you’d like more specific examples, or want to know more about his editorial management background (which is not particularly photogenic), Philip encourages you to contact him directly.

Label copy

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The shorter the copy, the more important the words. Take the art of wine labels: communicating not just a wine's character but also the winemaker's hopes and the winery's entire culture in just a few short sentences (that will make someone want to spend $50).